Cine Bar

★★★★ : €€€
C/ Torrent de l'Olla 53
Metro Diagonal L3, L5 : Fontana L3
Tel. 932177852
Well I hate to repeat myself, but this is yet another above average bar in Gracia! Unlike most however, this is more of a bar than the typical table-and-chairs establishments that grace this neighbourhood. Sporting a huge TV and a smaller one above the bar, this is clearly a place for those who want to watch some 'hot Barca action' whilst perched on a stool, munching pork scratchings and sipping the night away. However if you are fortunate enough to pop in on a normal, non-soccer night you'll also find plenty here to keep you amused. There's a dartboard, fruit machine and pinball machine to keep you distracted whilst waiting to refill your glass and music to tingle your eardrums. The barstaff are friendly and speak good English. There's the usual array of beverages, including our old favourite assortment of cocktails. Being more of a bar than anything else there are no menus, but this is a place for drinkers not culinary quest seekers! A good bar, with plenty of entertainment, a good 'atmos' and plenty of space to drink and be merry.

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